My Story

Personal Side Of Dean

  • I was born in Mississauga and grew up in Brampton.
  • I graduated from university in Virginia in 1990 and moved back home to Brampton in 1991 and now live in Caledon
  • My wife (who’s also my hero and best friend) Lesley and I met while we were youth leaders and have been married for 20 incredible years!
  • We have four amazing kids: our son Travis is studying at Brock and loves sports especially hockey; Leah is our dramatic 17 year old daughter and getting ready for university this fall; Gracie is our 13 year old miracle child (when she was born - she weighed in at just 1lb) and Cali is our rambunctious 8 year old firecracker daughter who has just taken over grade 3 at her school.
  • We also have dog named Daisy - she’s part Lab, part moron
  • Bungee jumped at Wasaga Beach when I was 22
  • Saw the world’s best band - U2 live in Chicago and Toronto and loved every second of it
  • When the TV’s on - it will usually be Modern Family, Parks and Recreation or sports
  • I enjoy sports - especially baseball, The Jays rock and for some reason I also follow - the San Diego Chargers!
  • Enjoy reading and the best book I’ve read will always be “To Kill A Mockingbird” and the movie’s not too bad either

Professional Side Of Dean Kennedy

  • Helped start and run a Fair Trade coffee shop in Orangeville called Joppa
  • Have spoken to youth groups and young people in schools, camps and churches
  • Led students on humanitarian trips to Grenada and the Dominican Republic and most recently spent a week helping building a school in Belize
  • Worked with young people and families for 18 years as a teacher, mentor and director of programs

Passionate Side Of Dean Kennedy

  • Passionate about authentic and honest relationships and helping people on their journeys
  • Ran the Scotiabank half-marathon in 2009 with my neighbor and actually finished it the same day I started
  • Spent 6 months visiting the NICU at Sick Kids and Peel Memorial waiting for my daughter to come home
  • Love to discover and create
  • Inspired by those people who are courageously authentic in how they live their lives